When they were growing up, every few weeks or so, my children hand me a progress report.  It tells me how they are doing in school, what their strengths are and if there are areas that need improvement.  Imagine if you could get a progress report every few weeks or so on how you are doing in life! Wouldn’t that be helpful?  

If I could special order a report on my progress, I would want to know how I was doing with my relationships specifically with my spouse, my kids, my extended family, my workmates, my friends, my neighbors and my acquaintances.  

Then I would want to know how I was doing with my job.  How was I progressing in my career and how could I improve. Some jobs do check ins and annual assessments but imagine knowing more often.  That would be so helpful for me to receive that feedback. 

After that I would want to know how I was doing with my goals.  How was I hitting my financial goals?  How was I hitting my personal development goals? How was I hitting my health goals and so on…? You get the point. 

This would be so helpful to receive a progress report like my children do.  So I was brainstorming with my mentor and he suggested I create such a progress report and he would gladly fill it in as often as I needed it.  What a thought!! So we did.  And it has been an incredible asset to me to see how I am progressing through those things I hold very important in my life.  Those things I want to improve upon. Those things I have hit spot on and now I can create new goals and targets.  

Progress always seemed scary to me in the past because to progress, you must change and I was like a lot of people, afraid of change, happy with status quo but I really wasn’t.  My fear of change, my fear of progressing superseded my desire for change.  

Now I can add my progress report to my overall life map.  Now I have those frequent check-ins to review which helps me tweak my behavior.  Now I know I will hit my goals faster and more efficiently because I am receiving that feedback that is helping me progress to the next level.