Elements of a Team

As a leader, there are a number of elements that you must help to create in a team. Your team will not form on its own. Theres almost always someone who was the catalyst who brought the people together. This someone must be you. Its okay for you to be the focal point at the beginning but at some point, the ownership of the group needs to shift to the team as a whole.
The elements in a team must be a
common team goal. Although your team might have a number of goals, one of them must stand out. For example, To produce 10% more revenue in 2000 without hiring additional personnel. A supporting goal would be, To provide cross training for each staff member. Everyone will know, agree upon, and be committed to accomplishing the team goal.
Productive participation of all members is accomplished by:

  1. Contributing data and knowledge.
  2. Sharing in the decision making process and reaching consensus.
  3. Making the decision.
  4. Making an imposed decision work by implementation.