Just Start

I admit, I have a problem with procrastination. It’s something that I work hard to overcome. I heard once that “you don’t have to be great to get started, but you DO have to get started to be great.”

Many people get ready to get ready.  Maybe you would like to learn to play the piano.  You research teachers in your area and maybe even call around for schedules but then you stop short of setting up your first session. Why is this? Why is it so hard to get started?  It’s very simple. Fear.

Fear is a debilitating emotion that can keep you from reaching your full potential.  We all have fears and many of us have learned that until we conquer our fears, we are stuck.  We can’t start that project or that goal or achieve that which we so desire.

How do we start when we are scared stiff?  Instead of working on the fear, let’s try a different approach and let’s look at the end result.  Using the piano example, maybe this has been a dream all your life to learn but you never had the chance; circumstances got in the way.  And now you have the time and you have the means to get the lessons but you are afraid.  What if you stink at it?  What if you are too old to learn?  What if you can’t master the keys and the chords?  So what! So what!  You will never know unless you try.

Think about your vision, your dream of playing that concerto piece you love so much.  Or playing that Billy Joel song.  Whatever your vision is of learning to play the piano – that is what you need to focus on every day.  Every time you get scared, every time you doubt yourself, see yourself at your first recital playing a piece you practiced for hours and hours, day after day and now you are ready to play for a group.  Imagine yourself experiencing the enjoyment of reading the music sheet and then turning the notes into actual music – pouring out of the piano – imagine how that would feel.

Now is the time to start.  No more excuses


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John D Marvin

John D. Marvin has over 30 years of leadership and marketing experience. He has built a successful marketing strategy business and since 2001 has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of TSO, Inc. Texas State Optical (TSO) is a member owned cooperative consisting of 127 independent, professional optometry practices located throughout the state of Texas. In 2011 the organization was named the tenth largest provider of eye care services in the United States. As a certified speaker, trainer and coach through the John C. Maxwell organization, he is uniquely equipped to help his team members and others grow personally and reach their full potential. He is available to work with individuals and organizations. He also represents the resources and materials of the number one authority on leadership as designated by Forbes magazine, John C. Maxwell.