Have you ever made a plan or created a life roadmap and then something happened – like a big rock rolled down and blocked your progress and instead of finding a way through you gave up and retreated back to your comfort zone? Does that sound like you? 

Why do we stop this inertia we are in – we get a little friction and BAM – we stop, retreat, we take our ball and go home.  Give up.  I’m done.  Good night… 

But then it’s tomorrow and guess what – that rock is still blocking our path and we say – yeah so what. We can opt to see the rock for what it is and keep going or we can pretend it doesn’t exist and say well, I liked it here anyway so I’m staying. 

NO!! Get out the pick and axe and let’s keep moving.  Life is full of bumps and obstacles and lots of bruises.  Who said life was easy?  Who wants easy?  Easy is boring! Easy is for people who don’t have a clue what is on the other side waiting – waving its flag saying I’m here – come and get me! Come and see what this side is like – it is awesome! 

We have all hit obstacles, every one of us.  So many times we hit a rut and think we are the only one. No one understands. This only would happen to me… oh here comes that pity party.  

How do we get that movement back?  How do we pick ourselves up and try again.  How do we change our thinking so that we don’t feel like we are out of options?  Can you ever be out of options?  Albert Einstein says, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  Think about that.  If you have a problem, how can you solve it using the same brain that created it?  

There is a simple solution to so many of life’s problems and it is not an age-old secret only available to the wealthy and wise. The answer is to create a third mind.  But how?  By masterminding with others who can truly help you.  So if you have a business quandary, join a business mastermind and bring your problem to the table. You will be amazed at the number of ideas that become available to you – ideas that you never even thought of yourself.  If you have a relationship problem then join/create a mastermind of like minded people who you can trust to share this problem with. There are solutions out there that your mind alone cannot create – you need the power of a mastermind to get you back in movement gear.


Published by

John D Marvin

John D. Marvin has over 30 years of leadership and marketing experience. He has built a successful marketing strategy business and since 2001 has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of TSO, Inc. Texas State Optical (TSO) is a member owned cooperative consisting of 127 independent, professional optometry practices located throughout the state of Texas. In 2011 the organization was named the tenth largest provider of eye care services in the United States. As a certified speaker, trainer and coach through the John C. Maxwell organization, he is uniquely equipped to help his team members and others grow personally and reach their full potential. He is available to work with individuals and organizations. He also represents the resources and materials of the number one authority on leadership as designated by Forbes magazine, John C. Maxwell.