Team Leadership

The vision is the most important aspect of making a team successful. Teams perish when they dont clearly see the vision why they are doing what they do and where they are going. You must motivate the team toward the fulfillment of the goals.Are you ready to be a team leader? You are if:

  1. You are comfortable in sharing leadership and decision making with your employees.
  2. You prefer a participative atmosphere.
  3. The environment is highly variable or changing quickly and you need the best thinking input from all your employees.
  4. Members of your team are (or can become) compatible with each other and can create a collaborative rather than a competitive environment.
  5. You need to rely on your employees to resolve problems.
  6. Formal communication channels are not sufficient for the timely exchange of information and decisions.

Published by

John D Marvin

John D. Marvin has over 30 years of leadership and marketing experience. He has built a successful marketing strategy business and since 2001 has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of TSO, Inc. Texas State Optical (TSO) is a member owned cooperative consisting of 127 independent, professional optometry practices located throughout the state of Texas. In 2011 the organization was named the tenth largest provider of eye care services in the United States. As a certified speaker, trainer and coach through the John C. Maxwell organization, he is uniquely equipped to help his team members and others grow personally and reach their full potential. He is available to work with individuals and organizations. He also represents the resources and materials of the number one authority on leadership as designated by Forbes magazine, John C. Maxwell.